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What is RSA?

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is a certification that is aimed ensuring that staff who are serving or supplying alcohol, do it responsibly and correctly such as not serving minors or patrons who are already in an inebriated state. It is also targeted at minimizing the possible harmful effects of alcohol.

In recent times, the attitude towards alcohol abuse has undergone a radical change. For instance, if you are out having a drink with your friends or colleagues, it is no longer acceptable for you to drink as much as you can and then fall over or start vomiting. People everywhere expect you to drink your liquor in a responsible manner without offending anyone’s sensibilities. A bar that encourages drunken behaviour such as shouting obscenities, disturbing other customers etc. is sure to suffer from a loss of clientele.

Responsible Service of Alcohol is therefore the hospitality industry’s response to these changing community attitudes towards alcohol abuse.

Responsible Service of Alcohol means acting within the law and serving or supplying liquor in a responsible manner. The licensee, nominee or staff can be held responsible if they fail to provide responsible service of alcohol. Both licensees and staff come under the purview of RSA laws. Therefore, both are held accountable in case they fail to provide responsible service of alcohol. Those who do not adhere to this legislation run the risk of incurring large fines, suspension or cancellation of the venues liquor licenses.

Practice Test: 

Who will be held responsible if a bar serves liquor to an already inebriated customer, someone who has clearly had too many drinks? (select all that apply)

A. The staff member
B. The licensee
C. The customer

Correct Answer: A and B

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