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Disorderly Patrons

There is nothing more unpleasant for customers as well as staff as when a particular customer disrupts the atmosphere of a bar just when everyone is beginning to have fun.

Disorderly patrons pose a risk for both staff and customers of licensed premises. As an employee, you are well within your rights to refuse to serve alcohol to a customer who is behaving in a disorderly manner. In fact, you are liable to be fined for serving alcohol to such customers.

The term, ‘disorderly’, does not just apply to an intoxicated customer. The patron could be under the influence of a specific substance or could even be completely sober. There could be a variety of reasons behind the disorderly conduct of a customer.

You can identify a disorderly patron on the basis of aggressive, violent or even careless behavior. A customer is said to be disorderly when they are disruptive, argumentative, boisterous or a disturbing element for other customers. If you are not sure if the signs point to a disorderly patron, just use your common sense.

Disorderly patrons often show signs of disorderly conduct through their body language. If you see someone talking very loudly or using invectives all of a sudden they may be on their way to becoming disorderly. Other red flags that signal disorderly behavior are becoming boisterous, being clumsy, being careless with money, spilling drinks or complaining about the strength of their drinks. These signs may be accompanied by a lack of co-ordination, not being able to walk straight, looking drowsy, a loss of alertness or even falling asleep.

A word of caution though! Be absolutely sure that the person is actually intoxicated or can be potentially disorderly before you refuse to serve them. Some types of disabilities may look like signs of intoxication so you should deal with such cases in as delicate a manner as possible.

Practice Test: 

A customer can be said to be ‘disorderly’ if they are:

  • A. Intoxicated
  • B. Docile
  • C. Aggressive
  • D. Depressed

Congratulations you answered correctly.

Sorry you didn't pass this time.

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