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How Does Alcohol Leave the Body?

Most of us have at some point in time tried remedies like drinking coffee, going for a swim, taking a shower or even induced ourselves to vomit in order to clear our bodies of the alcohol we consumed the night before. You will be amazed to know that in reality, none of these quick fixes actually work.

There are a series of chemical reactions that occur within our bodies before the alcohol that we consume can leave our system. When you drink, the alcohol enters the bloodstream. This blood loaded with alcohol now circulates through the liver. In time, the alcohol is eliminated due to a process known as oxidation. Most of the alcohol we consume is processed and then removed from our bodies by the liver. 95% of the alcohol gets treated in this manner. The remaining 5% is flushed out through our breath, urine and perspiration.

Assuming your liver is healthy, it would take an hour to process one standard drink. On the basis of the same calculation, if you drink 10 pots of beer (a single pot of beer is equal to 275 ml), it should take your body around 10 hours to completely flush the alcohol out of your system. Similarly, if you have two standard glasses of wine, which is about 200 ml of wine, it will take your body 4 hours to work on processing the liquor before it can be removed from your system.

Therefore, the only realistic and scientific way to clear your body of alcohol is to just wait for your body to process it!

Practice Test: 

Which is the best solution for getting rid of a hang-over?

A. Drinking strong, black coffee
B. Going for a long walk
C. Waiting for the hang-over to pass
D. Taking medication

Correct Answer: C

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