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Responsible Consumption of Alcohol

Apart from serving drinks responsibly, it makes sense to know how many drinks are actually good for your customers. Is there any prescribed limit for consumption of alcohol and are these limits the same for both men and women?

According to the National Health and Medical Council, a person is damaging their health in the long run by drinking more than four standard drinks in a day if they are male and having more than two standard drinks in a day if they are female. Having more than these recommended levels of drinks on a daily basis can harm your body.

It is considered risky for women to consume seven drinks in a day or for men to drink eleven drinks straight in one go. Alcohol does in fact harm women to a greater degree. Women who are pregnant or even those who are trying to conceive should steer clear of drinking liquor.

Ideally, it is recommended that you should keep away from alcohol at least two or three days in a week. However, that does not mean it is safe to go on a drinking binge on a single day and abstain from drinking for the rest of the week. You may have come across several customers of this kind who let their hair down on a Friday or Saturday by drinking far more than the prescribed limits. Their excuse usually is that they have not been drinking through the week!

Practice Test: 

How many standard drinks a day can you drink without harming your health?

A. Females: 5 standard drinks, Males: 7 standard drinks
B. Females: 2 standard drinks, Males: 4 standard drinks
C. Females: 7 standard drinks, Males: 11 standard drinks
D. Females: 4 standard drinks, Males: 8 standard drinks

Correct Answer: B

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